Insta Block Set+

Block Joining Mortar for AAC Blocks & Bricks 

Product description

Insta Block Set+™ smart bond (AAC block joining mortar) is a  ready to mix, self curing cementitious mortar for laying of  AAC, CLC, Hollow concrete blocks and bricks. It’s a factory  made premixed mortar blended with carefully selected raw  materials such as graded sand, mineral binders and ordinary  Portland cement (OPC) in combination with selected  polymeric additives which help in providing mechanical bond  and adhesion between the blocks and block to surface.  Designed for use with water to produce high strength  thixotropic mortar, Insta Block Set+ smart bond is  manufactured by following strict quality norms and is in compliance with C 1660-09 ASTM standards (,  a worldwide standard followed for thin bed mortar for  autoclaved aerated concrete masonry that meets the  requirements of National and International standards.

Key features
  • High Strength (Tensile Splitting Strength): optimally
    polymerized Insta Block Set+ smart bond provides
    additional bond strength apart from the mechanical
    sand-cement bonding due to hydration retainer
    compounds which gives solid robust wall with long
    lasting durability.
  • Self Curing: No curing required after block work is done,
    thus saving critical resources like water.
  • Flexible & Improved Workability: due to added polymers
    it results in improved quality, water retention and open
    time of mortar
  • Less Storage Space: Insta Block Set+ smart bond is ready
    to mix product there by eliminating need for bulk storage of sand and cement.
  • Construction Accuracy: Due to measured application and thin bed, the wall construction is accurate.
  • Fast Construction and Higher Productivity: Insta Block
    Set+™ smart bond is a timely setting mortar which allows
    uninterrupted block mounting, which is far lower in time
    than conventional and ordinary mortars. Combined with
    qualities of good workability, spread of material and no
    need of curing, Insta Block Set+ smart bond increases
    speed of construction – only 24 to 48 hrs required before
    next stage like plastering.
  • Withstand Hammering and Chiseling: Insta Block Set+
    smart bonds are able to withstand the hammering and
    chiseling required to be done for window, door frames
    and conduiting after 48-72 hours.
  • ASTM Complaint: It is specially formulated and tested to
    be in compliance with ASTM C 1660 -09 and gives the
    confidence to the consumer of a product based on
    researched standards.
Directions for Use
Surface preparation
  • Pre-wet the blocks and ensure it is touch dry before
    thin bed Block joining masonry mortar is applied
  • The surface for mounting must be thoroughly cleaned of
    all dust, loose materials, oil, grease etc.
  • Ensure that surface is flat, structurally sound and free
    from any other contamination which would reduce the
    bond strength.
  • The surface should be free from voids, holes and cracks.
  • Gradually add 3 parts of powder to 1 part of water (by
    volume) Take water in the container and slowly add the
    powder into the water while mixing by hand or slow
    speed mixing machine. Mix for 3 to 5 minutes till a
    smooth thixotropic mix without lumps is obtained,
    resulting into good bonding strength with the blocks.
  • After mixing allow the paste to stand for 2- 3 minutes to
    mature and again mix it for paste consistency.
  •  Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding more water to the mixed adhesive.
Application Methodology
    • Put well mixed mortar on the block with help of trowel,
      spread mortar uniformly on the unit.
    • Use notch trowel for good transfer and firmly place the
      block with slight shear to ensure good transfer &
    • Insta Block Set+ smart bond to be applied on the faces of
      the block and on column and beam, material to be
      applied on both i.e. surfaces as well as on block to ensure
      good bonding at the joints.
    • Use rubber hammer to have good contact between the
    • Go on placing the blocks with above method and erect
      the wall.

Coverage of Insta Block Set+ smart bond Mortar is approx
120 sq ft to 140 sq ft of block size 600x200x100 mm in a 40
kg bag for 3mm bed thickness, (the coverage will vary
depending on surface conditions.)

Shelf Life:

Factory sealed bags of this product are guaranteed to be of
first quality for 6 months* from date of manufacture, if
stored off the ground in a dry area, at 21°C and 50% RH.
(*High humidity will reduce the shelf life of bagged product)


For interior and exterior use for fixing AAC Fly ash, CLC,
Hollow, concrete blocks & bricks

Technical data

Applicable standards
Conforms to ASTM C 1660, IS 2250 (Grade MM5),
IS 15477
Pack Size
40 kg & 30 kg HDPE laminated bags

Availability and Cost

INSTA BLOCK SET+™ materials are available
across INDIA For distributor information:
Telephone: +91-9871008740

Note : – All surfaces should be between 9 °C to 32 °C and
structurally sound, clean and free of all dirt, oil, grease,
concrete sealers or curing compounds. Rough or uneven
concrete surfaces should be made even and hacking should
be done to ensure complete bonding to the smooth surfaces.
Before installation surface should be made on a damp using a
wet sponge or water. All slabs must be plumb and true to
within ¼” (6mm) in 10 ft (3m).
Note : – In order to realize all the product advantages, for high
quality construction and best performance, it is necessary to
follow the AAC Block Manufacturer’s instructions or IS 6041
or other relevant codes and good practices

Health & Safety: Insta Block Set+™ smart bond is non-toxic. Use of gloves
and goggles is recommended. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be
washed off with clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation, medical
advice should be sought. Insta Block Set+™ components are non flammable.
#Note: Pot life, open time and adjustability time varies depending on the
service conditions viz temperature, humidity and wind factor.
#Note: These test values were obtained during our laboratory tests. Site
mixes may show slight differences in performance due to methods of
Disclaimer: Information on this datasheet is to be treated as guideline for
usage. Users are advised to undertake a trial for product suitability prior to
its full scale usage. There is no express or implied guaranty/warranty for the
results. The company is not liable for any consequential damages.

Technical specifications for Insta Block Set+ Smart Bond (AAC Block Joining Mortar) Tested @ 27 ± 2® C & R.H. ≥ 65 %

S NoParameterResults
1Physical Appearance Grey Color Granular powder
2Layer Thickness 4 - 5 mm
a) Dry Density (Loose)
b) Wet Density
1450 kg/m³ - 1550 kg/m³
1750 kg/m³ - 1850 kg/m³
4Water Demand 25 – 30 %
5Mixing Time 5-10 minutes
6Pot Life 90 minutes @ 27 ® C
7Self Curing Yes, No water curing req
8Hard Dry 24 hrs @ 27 ® C
9Rheology Good
10Open Time 10 minutes
11Packaging 30 kg & 40 kg
12Shelf Life 6 months

Performance properties as per ASTM C – 1660

S NoParameterStandard RequirementsResults
1Split Tensile Strength
Test method ASTM C – 1660 @ 28 days
(valid for 90 % transfer of material)
0.28 Mpa – 0.4 Mpa0.34 Mpa – 0.4 Mpa

Performance properties as per IS 2250 Standard

S noParametersStandard RequirementsResults
1Compressive Strength
Appendix A
5.0 Mpa – 7.5 Mpa7 Mpa – 9 Mpa
Appendix B
90 – 130 mm100 – 110 mm
3Water Retention
Appendix C
Minimum 70 %86 – 90 %
Note: –
  • All the test are regularly performed in our well – equipped testing and R & D lab at standard lab
    conditions .viz. temperature @ 27 °C & R.H. @ 65 % 
  • Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test
    procedures used.
  • Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and site conditions. We take up to ± 5
    % deviation in the above results

Comparison between Normal Mortar Vs Insta Block Set+ Smart Bond

FeatureNormal MortarInsta Block Set+ Smart Bond
Bed Thickness10-12 mm 3-4 mm
Setting TimeSlow settingFast Setting. Plastering can be done 48 hours
after masonry
Water Requirement50 liters for 1 Cum of AAC Block Wall15 liters for 1 Cum of AAC Block Wall
Curing RequirementYes
Immense quantity of water & labour required
No, because it is Self-Curing.
Saves water for curing and labour.
Construction Speed 1 Cum’s per day with one mason & one helper2 Cum’s per day with one mason & one helper
Block Wall FinishShabby finishFine finish
Material WastageHighNegligible
Material LiftingAbout 240 kg of Cement & Sand per Cum of
AAC Block Wall plus Water
30 kg per Cum AAC Block Wall plus water
Construction QualityNon-consistent bonding Consistent bonding
Water penetration through
PossibleNot possible
Plastering of wallsPlastering can begin only after curing is
complete which means after 10 days
Since it is self-curing plastering can be done
after 48 hours
Site cleanlinessLeaves the site dirty after masonry work.Leaves the site clean after masonry work thus
saving on cleaning-up job
Green Building EffectConsumption of Cement & Sand is very high
since bed-thickness 10-15 mm
Water Consumption is high
Consumption of Cement & Sand is low since
bed-thickness 3-4 mm
Water Consumption is low
  • The above features shown in italics (in first column) result in financial savings, as well. These are hidden savings
  • Special notch-trowels are used for masonry work which help in maintaining 3-4 mm bed thickness and thus control consumption of Insta Block Set+ Smart Bond Mortar.
  • Shelf-life of Insta Block Set+ Smart Bond is 6 months.