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For 9 years we have been providing High Quality AAC Blocks to Commercial and Residential Projections across India.

With our current capacity of 800 Cubic metres AAC Blocks per day we are at 95% capacity

Our Plant manufacturing setup is designed and constructed with by Leading Global Engineers

AAC is certified by LEEDS and UHGBC and our product is as per the standards set by them.

Highly qualified senior management & inhouse team of Engineers.

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Our goal is to exceed expectations by delivering the best job possible.






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Excellence in AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is an eco-friendly and certified green building material which is lightweight, load-bearing, high-insulating, durable building blocks and 3 times lighter when compared to red brick

Right Composition

The proper combination of materials is used to make it lightweight while simultaneously providing strength. AAC blocks are also environmentally friendly, making it ideal.

Time Controlled Delivery

Our goal is to provide you with the finest possible result within the specified time frame. Our crew is meticulous in their work and completes it on time.

Durable Characteristic

Most of the world has been using this amazing material for almost 70 years. Extreme and varied climatic and chemical circumstances have been proven to be durable. Approximately 0.02 percent linear expansion coefficient.

800 cu.m/Day Production

Every day, our plant can manufacture 800 cubic metres of blocks.

Expert Team Support

Instablock is backed by a professional staff that produces high-quality work.

Global Certifications

Globally recognised and awarded a certificate for the highest quality products and services

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable-

The ACC Blocks are environmentally safe and sustainable due to the utilisation of recycled industrial waste (fly ash), non-toxic components, no releasing gases, and lower energy consumption.


The AAC Blocks are 3 to 4 times lighter than bricks and 30% lighter than concrete, allowing for the construction of taller buildings by reducing the dead load of the structure.

Thermally Insulated & Energy Efficient-

Tiny air pores and the thermal mass of blocks provide great thermal insulation, lowering a building's heating and cooling costs.

Fire Resistant

Non-combustible and fire-resistant up to 1600° C, with a 6 hour direct exposure time limit.

Seismic Resistant

Lightweight blocks lower a structure's mass, reducing the impact of an earthquake on the structure. The non-combustible characteristic of the material gives it an edge against flames, which are common during earthquakes.

Easy Workability and Design Flexibility

To meet particular needs, AAC blocks can be simply cut, drilled, nailed, machined, and grooved.

Acoustic Performance-

The sound absorption quality of the AAC block is superior due to its porous nature. It blocks out all significant sounds and disturbances with a sound attenuation of roughly 42 dB, making it perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels, workplaces, multi-family homes, and other facilities that require acoustic insulation.

Faster Construction

The use of AAC blocks shortens the construction process by 20%. As a result of the various sizes of blocks, the number of joints in wall construction is reduced. The reduced weight of the blocks makes transporting, placing, and constructing the brickwork easier and faster.

Easy Workability and Design Flexibility

To meet particular needs, AAC blocks can be simply cut, drilled, nailed, machined, and grooved.

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